Apr. 23, 2018

At Rapid, Formlabs Presents Integration With Autodesk’s Netfabb® Software

America Makes and The Lanterman Group will run multiple workflow workshops with the Form 2 and Netfabb for optimizing lightweight lattice structures

Somerville, Mass., Apr. 23, 2018 – At Rapid, April 23-26, 2018, Formlabs, the designer and manufacturer of powerful and accessible 3D printing systems, has announced its streamlined user integration with Autodesk’s Netfabb® Software.

Key features for the Form 2 within Netfabb include:

  • New Workspace: Load a Form 2 in your machine workspace - in Netfabb, users will be able to connect directly to PreForm, Formlabs’ print preparation software.

  • Custom Supports: Create and modify your own support strategy to optimize parts for the Form 2.

  • Lattice Assistant: Easily hollow and add lattice structures and perforation holes to your model to save print time and materials usage without compromising on part properties – on top of the full Netfabb Standard functionality.

Key features of Netfabb within PreForm include:

  • Mesh repair: Leverage the latest version of Netfabb mesh repair in PreForm. Use mesh repair with one-click auto-repair and improve printability.

  • Part packing: In PreForm for the Fuse 1 SLS 3D printer, 2D and 3D packing algorithms will optimally place parts within the build volume, for faster and more efficient packing.

“Formlabs has been working closely with Autodesk on strategic collaborations for a few years now,” said Grant Thomas-Lepore, head of software product management at Formlabs. “We’re excited to be streamlining the benefits of Netfabb to our users and look forward to future collaborations together.”

“Autodesk is excited to connect to, and enable PreForm with Netfabb,” said Duann Scott, business development and strategy at Autodesk. “Formlabs has been disruptive in democratizing professional 3D printing, just as Autodesk is working to provide professional additive manufacturing design software to every designer, engineer and researcher.”

The national accelerator program for 3D printing, America Makes in booth #2439 with The Lanterman Group, a 3D printing solutions firm, will run multiple workshops for optimizing lightweight lattice structures within Netfabb for printing on the Form 2.

“The goal of America Makes is to transition additive manufacturing to the mainstream U.S. manufacturing sector, Formlabs and Autodesk are well positioned to help with this transition,” said Anthony Hughes, founder & president of The Lanterman Group. “These workshops will aim to continue training the workforce to meet industry needs and continue leveraging the strength of additive and direct printing lightweight parts for direct end-use.”

To learn more please visit formlabs.com or stop by one of the following event locations:

  • Formlabs and Autodesk in America Make’s Booth #2439 for demos with The Lanterman Group.

  • Formlabs booth #918 will showcase product development and manufacturing processes with the Form 2 and Fuse 1.

  • Autodesk booth #1522 will present their complete end to end software solution for additive manufacturing.

Latest version of the integration is now available in:

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