The 2022 3D Printing Applications Report

A report exploring the past, present, and future trends of 3D printing’s role in manufacturing.

Who We Surveyed



About 50% of our respondents were lead design engineers, business owners, engineering managers, or 3D printing department leads.

A Global Audience

57% of our respondents were from North America, 32% were from EMEA / UK & IE, and the remaining 11% were from APAC, Central or South America, and “other”.

Diverse Industries

Our respondents self identified as coming from industries such as: manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, and more.

Summary of Top Trends

We explore the adoption trends of 3D printing, its top cited benefits, and how it’s being used by recent adopters (added 3D printing to their business less than two years ago) and early adopters (added more than two years ago). Here are some snippets of those categories: 

57% of recent adopters “agree” or “strongly agree” that their internal 3D printing capabilities are helping to solve supply chain issues.
63% of recent adopters are creating end-use parts with 3D printing, almost double the rate of the early adopters.
72% of respondents agree that 3D printing will become a staple in manufacturing and engineering departments.
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Expert Predictions

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