Workflows for the new industrial era

3D Printing Solutions for Manufacturing

Accelerate each stage of production.
Insulate your supply chain with stop-gap production and rapid tooling.
Improve efficiency with on-demand jigs, fixtures, and replacement parts.
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Rapid Prototyping From Concept to Pre-Production

Bring additive manufacturing capabilities in-house to save time, cut costs, and keep sensitive IP inside your organization.
Communicate your ideas to clients and suppliers with high-quality prototypes.
Test and validate components before moving to mass production

Watch the video: How the Concept Cars of Tomorrow Are Made With 3D Printing

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Streamlined Production With In-House Manufacturing Aids and Rapid Tooling

Reduce downtime by streamlining your manufacturing process with custom jigs and fixtures.
Customize your assembly line without overhauling your equipment.
Eliminate reliance on external providers by 3D printing tooling for injection molding, thermoforming, and more.
Reverse engineer and replicate existing components for on-demand repairs, eliminating costly downtime.

Watch the video: How Ashley Furniture 3D prints custom jigs and fixtures for their manufacturing site.

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Superior Quality End-Use Parts

Take control over your production with high-performance materials that are up to the challenge of extreme environments.
Insulate your supply chain and avoid the middle-man with bridge production in-house.
Get your business started without over-spending on tooling.

Watch the video: How Hasbro produces mass customized action figures. 

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From Design to Final Product Faster Than Ever Before

Never again wait weeks for tooling and parts to arrive from a supplier. Create end-use parts in a matter of hours, right in your office or on your factory floor to save months of development time and be able to respond to customer demands faster.

Parts 3D printed in Draft Resin V4 on the Form 3+ SLA 3D printer
Step 1

Design and Iterate

Leverage Formlabs’ extensive range of materials and the same tools that you’ll use for production to iterate and improve your designs each day. Forget about the design restrictions of traditional processes—custom parts and complex designs can be produced with 3D printing in a cost-efficient manner.

3D printing in progress
Step 2


Move to production by relying on the repeatability and consistency of the Formlabs SLA and SLS 3D printers. Produce end-use parts directly with 3D printing, use 3D printed rapid tooling with your traditional manufacturing methods, and shock-proof your supply chain by printing manufacturing aids and repair parts in-house. 

Optimus Ride with Form 3L and Form 3 SLA 3D printer
Step 3

Deliver to Market Faster Than the Competition

Complete your workflow with Formlabs post-processing solutions, use the 3D printed part as a component or sub-assembly in manufacturing, and beat your competition to market by streamlining operations.

Form 3L print farm
Step 4

Scale Up and Be Agile

Scale up as the demand grows without excessive equipment costs, diversify your operations, and answer to the market and your customers faster than your competition without needing to invest in costly tooling changes.

Reduce Costs and Improve Stability by Bringing 3D Printing In-House

Prepare for the unexpected and minimize downtime with on-demand repair and replacement parts, protecting your investment in expensive industrial manufacturing equipment.

Fuse 1+ 30W in-house

16h 57m


Service Bureau SLS

7-10 business days


For a production facility, every minute without a replacement part represents lost value. With an in-house industrial SLS 3D printer like the Fuse 1+ 30W, manufacturers easily design and produce replacement parts in just a few hours. 

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3D printed replacement part
Crank Handle Replacement Part

A Full Suite of 3D Printing Solutions

High-Performance Materials for Engineering and Manufacturing

Formlabs has an extensive library of proprietary 3D printing materials suitable for even the most demanding applications. 

Production jig 3d printed
Production jig
Tough and Durable Resins
Housings, enclosures, and connectors
Jigs and fixtures
Wear-and-tear prototypes
3D printed intake manifold in Nylon 11 CF powder on the Fuse 1+ 30W SLS printer
Intake Manifold
Nylon 12 Powder
High performance prototyping
Small batch manufacturing
Permanent jigs, fixtures, and tooling
3D printed bike pedals printed in Polyurethane 1000
Bike pedal
Polyurethane Resins
High-impact equipment
Superior surface finish and durability
Replacement parts for end-use injection molded plastics
Injection Mold Insert
Injection Mold Insert
Rigid 10K Resin
Stiffness of glass and fiber-filled thermoplastics
Short-run injection mold masters and inserts
Heat resistant and fluid exposed components
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