With Zero Lead Time, Form 3 Boasts Improvements

Upon the release of the Form 3 in April 2019, we imagined a whole new world of prints and applications made possible by Low Force Stereolithography (LFS)™. Formlabs re-engineered the stereolithography print process and optics engine to make the Form 3 our most intuitive and reliable printer yet. Boasting features like improved surface quality and light-touch supports, our customers have been able to print incredible parts across different industries.

But we haven’t stopped there. Since the printer’s release, we’ve been incorporating feedback to improve the Form 3, just like we did for the Form 2. Read on to learn more about the specific updates we’ve made to the Form 3.

Form 3 Now Available With Zero Lead Time

We’re honored by the huge demand for the Form 3 from both our existing and new customers, right from the launch of the new product line. Unfortunately, this also resulted in long lead times as we ramped up manufacturing and strived to make sure that each new printer would live up to our quality standards.

We're happy to say that despite the continuingly high demand, the wait is now over and we can now offer both the Form 3 and Form 3B with zero lead time.

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We’re committed to keeping our customers satisfied, and reducing our lead time means our customers can get started with 3D printing sooner.

Continuous Improvements

Parts printed in Clear Resin on the Form 3.

Since the Form 3’s release, we’ve been incorporating both internal and customer feedback to improve the new printer. The strength of our products depends heavily on customer feedback, which we collect through our forum, social channels, in-person at events, and customer surveys.

We’re happy to announce that the Form 3 is now compatible with all Formlabs Resins, with the exception of Ceramic Resin. Customers can print in our all Formlabs Standard Resins, Engineering Resins, Jewelry Resins, and Dental Resins. 

We’ve been working on making the Form 3 print faster without sacrificing accuracy. For example, print speed for Grey Resin has improved by 15 percent due to reduced computing time in between layers. The Form 3 also boasts increased print success for our most popular resins like Grey Resin In fact, Grey, Black, White, Draft, Durable, and Tough V5 all have a higher print success rate on the Form 3 than on the Form 2. Some, like White Resin, boast success rates over 95 percent. All PreForm and Form 3 updates are free.

With higher print quality and level of detail, our customers highlighted how effortless it is to use the Form 3 to achieve pristine results.“Having had the Form1, 1+, 2 and now the Form 3, I know more than most of the history of problems and challenges that existed and were overcome. The Form 2 was bloody awesome when compared to previous models when it came to user experience of the printer in the sense of being more hands free on a professional level. Hobbyists are ok rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty with pouring resin manually amongst other things. But you made it plug and play. The Form 3 continues to build on that on the back end of the print by limiting the cleanup,” said Colin Ho-Shing, a customer who runs a 3D printing service in Brooklyn. 

Due to lighter supports, prints can seamlessly be removed from the build platform. Removing supports becomes less of a hassle and customers can finish projects faster.

Firmware updates make setting up and tracking prints far more efficient and accurate. “The PreForm software is very quick and easy to use while still having every feature I need,” said Jeremy Davis of Timelabs, a healthcare manufacturing company. Davis also noted that the editing supports and cloning features make setting up prints far more customizable.

Customers have noted the Form 3’s overall ease of use. “The workflow is very intuitive and well designed and I feel like it is working for me not against me...It's consistent, I do not have to worry that the machine will not perform well, which allows me to concentrate on my design instead of fighting the printer,” Davis said.

Form 3 in the Hands of Reviewers

We’ve been honored by the Form 3’s favorable reception by experts. Reviews from leading 3D printing and technology publications have lauded the Form 3’s prowess. Specifically, they’ve pointed out the high-detail prints, fine surface finish, and pure effectiveness in achieving the prints they designed.

All3DP Review

“For a small or medium business in need of a high-detail workhorse, the Form 3 is an easy recommendation. It expects nothing of you, and consistently produces high-detail prints (and thanks to new resins, large drafts) of the 3D models you throw at it.” - All3DP

Read the Form 3 Review Roundup for more details.

Get Hands-on With the Form 3

The Form 3 has come a long way since its launch, and we have many more software updates and new materials in the works. Long time user Ho-Shing said it best:

“The Form 3 took a massive step towards improving the consistency and accuracy of the print while limiting the errors. Everyday getting closer to upload, hit print, remove from printer, remove from supports, and keep it moving.”

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