Scuttling Across the Sea

We'll have Brian Chan's incredible articulated crab (it moves!) at 3D Printshow.

3D Printshow London

The Formlabs team is heading to 3D Printshow Londonthis week (not to mention Engadget Expand NYC, more on that later), and we couldn't be more excited. We had a great time last year and we're thrilled to have so many new things to share.

We’ll have our latest models — including some sneak-peeks at our latest experimental resins — as well as demos of the Form 1 in action . If you’re planning on stopping by, drop us a line at [email protected], and we’ll keep an eye out for you.

We'll be giving a talk on the Form 1 on Thursday at 12:00, and Yoav Reches, who's responsible for the Form 1's stunning design, will be speaking on Saturday at 12:00. Looking forward to seeing you there!

PreForm 0.9.1

Travel doesn't mean we're relaxing. It means we're working twice as hard. Today, we're rolling out the latest iteration of our powerful printing software, PreForm. We’ve wrapped a number of important fixes and improvements into 0.9.1, now available on our downloads page, so while you might not see any changes up-front, it’s an important update to have. Download it now!