Denture Base Resin 1 L



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Formlabs Denture Resins are certified biocompatible materials for 3D printing digital dentures.

Use Denture Base Resin to produce long-lasting, wear-resistant biocompatible denture bases at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional methods. This material is also indicated for try-in dentures.

With four semi-translucent shades available, technicians can achieve lifelike gingiva with natural margins, whether with 3D printed denture teeth or acrylic cards.

Download our Application Guide to learn the complete digital workflow and best practices for making 3D printed dentures on Formlabs Dental printers.

Shades available: Light Pink (LP), Original Pink (OP), Red Pink (RP), Dark Pink (DP)

Supports print resolutions: 50 microns.
Post-curing required.
Requires Form 2 Resin Tank LT for Form 2

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