Color Base Resin 0.8 L



The first integrated color mixing solution for resin, the Formlabs Color Kit enables 3D printing in a range of colors without the manual work of finishing, dying, or painting.

Restock on Color Base as a foundation to mix with any Color Kit pigment and create Color Resin.

  • Color Base Resin 0.8 L
3D printed colorful computer game controller

Why Choose Color Base Resin?

Restock on Color Base Resin to create color models right off the printer with pigments available in Color Kit.

A Perfect Foundation
Pair Color Base Resin and Color Kit to create consistent colors throughout the entire part.

Minimize Waste
Use every bit of Color Pigment by replenishing your Color Base Resin.

Smooth Surface Finish
Print parts that have the polish and finish of a final product.


Color Base Resin paired with Color Kit is ideal for field testing aesthetic prototypes and concept models.

Consider Color Base Resin for:

Solid color parts with a matte finish
Looks-like prototypes
Concept models
Props and figurines

Material Properties*

Color Base Resin

Ultimate Tensile Strength

65 MPa

Tensile Modulus

2.6 GPa



Flexural Modulus

2.2 GPa

Notched Izod

25 J/m

Heat Deflection Temp @ 0.45 MPa

73 ºC

Material properties may vary based on part geometry, print orientation, print settings, and temperature. Data was obtained from parts printed using Form 2, 100 μm, Clear settings and post-cured with 1.25 mW/cm³ of 405 nm LED light for 60 minutes at 60°C.


Form Wash Settings


10 minutes


When using a single wash bucket, residue from previously washed parts deposits on part surfaces. If washing darker-colored materials like Black Resin in the same wash bucket as lighter-colored materials like White Resin or Clear Resin, some color transfer may occur.

Form Cure Settings


30 min



60 °C


All standard opaque Formlabs resins (including Grey, Black, White, Color, and Model Resin) have equivalent mechanical properties. While the recommended post-cure time is 30 minutes, post-curing for 60 minutes will result in a small additional gain in tensile modulus. This post-cure setting can be used with any of these resins.