Draft V1 Resin 1 L



This version of Draft Resin is a legacy formulation of our current Draft Resin. This version will continue to be sold through at least July 2021, according to our sunsetting policy.

Our newest formulation prints up to 4 times faster than Standard Resins and offers several improvements:

  • Improved surface finish: the newest formulation prints at 200-micron layers, compared to 300 microns for the previous version.
  • More professional appearance: the newest formulation offers a new grey appearance for professional-looking presentation models.
  • Easier to use: the newest formulation takes advantage of Formlabs LFS technology to reduce support touchpoints and minimize Form Wash and Form Cure times.

Supports print resolutions: 300 microns.
No post-curing required.

  • Draft V1 Resin 1 L