May. 26, 2016

Formlabs Announces Gesswein Partnership and Updated Castable Resin

SOMERVILLE, Mass., May. 26, 2016 – Significantly expanding its offerings to the jewelry industry, Formlabs, the designer and manufacturer of powerful and accessible 3D printing systems, today announced a partnership with Gesswein, the global supplier in jewelry making, as well as the release of an updated formulation of Castable Resin, Formlabs’ functional resin for jewelry applications. Formlabs will debut the enhanced Castable Resin at JCK Las Vegas next week (booth #B68075), the leading jewelry event in North America.

“Since we first launched Castable Resin in 2014, the material has taken off in the jewelry world for many different applications,” said Dávid Lakatos, Head of Product at Formlabs. “Over the past two years we saw a wide adoption from individual benchtop jewelers all the way to large international casting houses. We worked side-by-side with many of our customers to gather feedback for the reformulated Castable Resin to accentuate those specific capabilities important to jewelry professionals.”

The new Castable Resin has a waxlike appearance that makes it easy to inspect and prepare printed parts. This material achieves:

  • Extraordinary fine detail: Create delicate filigree, inscriptions, and milgrain with precision.

  • Incredible accuracy: Capture intricate detail, from prongs to holes in jewelry pieces — ideal for stone-setting and creating fine features.

  • Superior surface finish: Get smoother surfaces straight out of the machine for minimal touch-ups prior to casting, reducing finishing time and metal loss.

Jewelry printed in the new Castable Resin continues to have a clean burnout that produces beautiful parts ready for finishing. In addition to updating Castable Resin, Formlabs is introducing new Fine Detail settings for the Form 2, created specifically for printing fine jewelry. These print settings have been optimized for all Castable Resin layer thicknesses, adding a significant improvement in the speed and quality of fine jewelry prints.

In response to growing demand from jewelry professionals, Formlabs today also announced a reseller partnership with global supplier Gesswein.

“3D printing has already impacted the jewelry industry,” said Luke Winston, Head of Sales at Formlabs. “Now, the industrial performance and prosumer price of the Form 2 will accelerate that revolution anywhere from individual designers all the way to luxury brands. That’s why we sought out a partner that jewelers know and trust. With over a hundred years of industry experience, Gesswein is the perfect partner to help bring jewelry into the 21st century.”

“The partnership with Formlabs adds a new dimension and excitement to the Gesswein product line, being able to introduce affordable, sophisticated 3D printers like the Form 2 to those customers who want to get into this ever growing and ever changing technology,” said Scott Petrillo, Vice President of Sales at Gesswein. “As a pioneer in desktop 3D printing, Formlabs is the perfect partner to help us grow in 3D printing. When it comes to 3D printing technology for jewelry professionals, Formlabs is the leader in this space. We are excited to partner with Formlabs and look forward to changing the jewelry industry together in the years to come!”

From fine jewelry designer Sarah Graham, to luxury designer John Brevard, to online custom jewelry platform Trove, Formlabs printers and materials have become invaluable tools for jewelry innovation. Formlabs machines’ rapid and repeatable print process allows jewelry professionals to quickly prototype and perfect new designs, make hundreds of prints a day, and move directly into production. Learn more about the new Castable Resin and how Formlabs is transforming the jewelry industry through 3D printing.

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Formlabs sta ampliando l'accesso alla fabbricazione digitale, in modo da rendere la stampa 3D alla portata di tutti. L’azienda leader nella stampa 3D ha introdotto la sua business unit dentale nel novembre 2019 per soddisfare le esigenze dei laboratori odontotecnici e degli studi di ogni dimensione. Formlabs Dental è composta da un team di professionisti del settore dentale dedicati a fornire le migliori soluzioni di stampa 3D del settore. Formlabs ha migliorato la vita di centinaia di migliaia di pazienti grazie alla stampa di 13 milioni di parti dentali sulla Form 2 e ha recentemente ampliato ulteriormente questo impatto con l’aggiunta di dispositivi hardware incentrati sul dentale, la Form 3B, la Form 3B+ e la Form 3BL. Oltre ai suoi prodotti hardware, Formlabs ha oltre 50 ingegneri dei materiali e una solida offerta di materiali dentali disponibili per essere utilizzati sulle stampanti Form 3B, Form 3B+ e Form 3BL.

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