Draft Resin 1 L


Draft Resin prints up to four times faster than Formlabs standard materials, making it ideal for initial prototypes and rapid iterations to help bring products to market faster. Parts printed with Draft Resin exhibit a smooth grey finish and high accuracy. Use 200-micron settings for fast print speeds, or use 100-micron settings for models with finer details.

From fast print initiation speeds to minimal support removal, wash, and cure times, Draft Resin has an optimized workflow to truly maximize efficiency.

This version of Draft Resin is a reformulation of a previous version. This current version offers an improved surface finish, a more professional appearance, and is easier to use.

Supports print resolutions: 200 and 100 microns.
Post-curing required.
Requires Resin Tank LT for Form 2.

  • Draft Resin 1 L

Why Choose Draft Resin

Bring products to market faster by leveraging Draft Resin early in the design process. Whether you are printing large parts or batches of smaller parts, Draft Resin ensures maximum print speed without compromising part quality.

Print Speed

Print up to 4x faster than standard resins

Part Quality

This reformulation reduced layer thickness by 33%, improving surface finish & accuracy

Professional Appearance

A new grey finish offers professional looking models

Ease of Use

This reformulation reduced support touchpoints and Form Wash and Form Cure times


Draft Resin prints up to 4 times faster than Formlabs Standard Resins, allowing you to iterate quickly and test multiple designs in a day.

Initial Prototypes
High Throughput Parts
Rapid Design Iterations
Live 3D Printing Demos

Material Properties

Post-Cured at Room Temperature
Post-Cured at 60°C
Ultimate Tensil Strength
24 MPa
36 MPa
52 MPa
Tensile Modulus
0.8 GPa
1.7 GPa
2.3 GPa
Elongation at Break
Flexural Modulus
0.6 GPa
1.8 GPa
2.3 GPa
Notched Izod
26 J/m
29 J/m
26 J/m


Form Wash Settings


10 min



Wash Draft Resin parts in isopropyl alcohol (IPA). Avoid washing for longer than the recommended time.
When washed in IPA with a resin concentration of more than 5%, tackiness has been observed on part surfaces.

Form Cure Settings


5 min



No heat or 60 °C


Draft Resin has two post-cure settings. To simply remove tackiness, post-cure with no heat for 5 minutes. For better tensile strength, post-cure at 60 °C for five minutes.