Surgical Guide Resin splints on a build platform

Why Choose Surgical Guide Resin?

Surgical Guide Resin provides dental professionals with a biocompatible material for the production of dimensionally accurate dental implant guides and templates.


Consistency produce reliable guides.


Leverage a digital workflow from intraoral scanning to production.


Provide the patient and clinician the peace of mind they deserve.


Surgical Guide Resin is a premium-quality material for printing surgical implant guides.

Consider Surgical Guide Resin for:

Occlusal Guards
Device Sizing Templates
Drilling Templates

Material Properties*

Surgical Guide Resin



Flexural Strength

> 102 MPa

Flexural Modulus

> 2400 MPa

* Material properties may vary based on part geometry, print orientation, print settings, and temperature. Data for post-cured samples were measured on Type IV tensile bars printed on a Form 2 printer with 100 μm Surgical Guide Resin settings, washed in a Form Wash for 20 minutes in ≥99% Isopropyl Alcohol, and post-cured at 60°C for 30 minutes in a Form Cure