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The Digital Factory Podcast #10: The Future of CAD With Jon Hirschtick

Computer aided design, or CAD, has followed the arc of computing over the last 50 years: the first CAD programs were command-line applications that ran on mainframes, which gave way to graphical software that ran on desktop PCs. The next generation of CAD software can run almost anywhere, including in a Web browser or on a phone. As CAD becomes available on every platform, it’s changing the way that engineers and designers work by bringing more people into contact with CAD and by making handoffs between teams more fluid.

In this episode of the Digital Factory Podcast, Jon Bruner talks with Jon Hirschtick, the co-founder and CEO of Onshape, a six-year-old company developing a CAD platform that’s entirely cloud-based. (You might also know Hirschtick as the co-founder of SolidWorks, a pioneer in bringing CAD from mainframes to desktop computers.)

Links from this episode:
- Onshape
- The Uni-ball Pure Malt 4-color pen, Jon Hirschtick’s favorite tool, which he uses to write in his Shinola journal notebook.