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Habit Formation with MOTI

Have trouble sticking to a New Year’s resolution? Here’s a smart object that can help. MOTI is a smart device created to aid in habit formation. Founder Kayla Matheus found herself frustrated with constantly making, then breaking habits and thus, MOTI was born. When users press the button after completing a task, MOTI tracks and displays their progress over time.

Using the Form 1+ 3D printer for rapid prototyping, Kayla 3D printed 35 prototypes of MOTI to be used by beta testers.

Unpainted MOTI 3D printed smart devices

“The Form 1+ was used because the material quality was exactly what I needed,” said Kayla. With the light-diffusing quality of white resin, the internal LEDs shine with colors depending on the urgency of the task and when it's completed.

Glowing MOTI

“I always rave about [the Form 1+] to people who come into the studio.”

Prototyping with the Form 1+ 3D printer

The Form 1+ enables a rapid speed of iteration for prototyping and production compared to sending away for 3D printed parts. Since it was just 35 models, it wasn’t time or cost efficient to send them to be injection molded or to create a urethane mold. Although there was a bit of a learning curve, she says 3-D printing in general is a very enabling technology and holds a lot of value in the early stage process by having it on a desktop.

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