Castable Wax Resin Ring

Why Choose Castable Wax Resin?

With high strength and stiffness, Castable Wax Resin makes it possible to print ultrafine and thin structures.

Clean, Reliable Casting

Contains 20% wax with zero ash content and clean burnout.

Faster and Simpler Workflow

Printed parts are strong enough to handle with no post-cure required, meaning they are ready to use right away.

Smooth, Refined Surfaces

Easily remove light-touch support tips that don’t leave dimples in your parts.

High Green Strength

Ensure shape retention for thin patterns such as wire filigree.


Castable Wax Resin is ideal for lightweight, intricate jewelry or for prototypes and production. For Dental, this material is ideal for crowns, bridges, removable partial denture frameworks, and patterns for casting and pressing.

Consider Castable Wax Resin for:

Delicate filigree designs
Custom try-ons
Direct investment casting
Thin pieces with fine details

Material Properties*

Castable Wax Resin does not require post-curing. Allow parts to fully dry before casting.* 

Castable Wax Resin

Ultimate Tensile Strength

12 MPa

Tensile Modulus

220 MPa



Temp @ 5% Mass Loss

249 ºC

Ash Content (TGA)

0.0 - 0.1%

Material properties may vary based on part geometry, print orientation, print settings, and temperature.

** Data was optained from green parts, printed using Form 2, Castable 50 μm Fine Detail settings and washed without post-cure.


Form Wash Settings


5 min in IPA


Wash Castable parts for the shortest time necessary to remove liquid resin. Ensure that all solvent has evaporated or been removed from the parts before curing and casting.

Form Cure Settings


N/A min



N/A °C


Castable Wax Resin does not require post-curing. Allow parts to fully dry before casting. While post-curing Castable Wax parts should not affect castability, post-curing may shrink parts slightly (by less than 1%), which can cause distortion.