Termini & condizioni per la prenotazione della Fuse 1

Fuse 1 Reservation

Thank you for placing a Reservation for the Formlabs Fuse 1. By placing your Reservation, you have secured your opportunity to purchase one of the first Fuse 1’s. You can learn more about the Fuse 1, including updates on the anticipated delivery time, on our website at https://formlabs.com/3d-printers/fuse-1/.

Effective Date

Your Reservation becomes effective once you have placed your Reservation and we have received your Reservation Payment.

Order Process

Your Reservation during our pre-launch period entitles you to be among the first customers to order a Fuse 1. As the Fuse 1 is still in development, the launch date, price, and specific features are subject to change. At launch, you will receive an invoice for the final price, including shipping and handling, less your Reservation Payment, and instructions on how to submit your order. Your Reservation may be cancelled at any time for a full refund before placing your order.


By placing your Reservation, you understand and acknowledge that your Reservation Payment will not be held in escrow or trust. Your Reservation is not transferable or assignable to any other party without the prior written consent of Formlabs.

Subject to Our Terms of Service

The Fuse 1 Reservation is further bound by the limitations and restrictions listed in the Formlabs Terms of Service which are available at https://formlabs.com/terms-of-service/. From time to time we may ask you to provide information to allow us to perform our obligations under this Agreement. We will maintain any personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which is available at https://formlabs.com/privacy-policy/.

Contact Information

Questions about these Terms and Conditions should be sent to us through [email protected].