Auto-Layout in PreForm 1.4

PreForm 1.4 implements automatic model packing: a quick, easy way to fit as many models as efficiently as possible onto your build platform.

Formlabs butterfly auto layout in PreForm 1.4

Before Auto-Layout, chaos reigned.

Butterfly clips in PreForm after auto-layout

Auto-Layout imposes order and efficiency with one click!

We’ve also adjusted auto-scaling when your model is first imported into PreForm: users now have the option to import .STLs and .OBJs without any automatic re-sizing. Another feature is the ability to re-add supports after undoing a support generation - you won’t have to wait for the supports to generate from scratch again. More time for modelling, less for prep!

Additionally, the latest evolution of our software includes many updates invisible to you – but they’re paving the way for some pretty dramatic changes down the line. There’s a firmware update bundled with PreForm 1.4 with print improvements and tweaks, so make sure you’re on the latest version to ensure the highest-quality prints!

Let us know what you think, and keep an eye out for the next updates!

Changelog PreForm 1.4

  • Automatic model packing
  • Improvements to model rendering for clarity
  • Firmware update
  • Updated file format
  • Modified the peel cycle for print reliability & surface finish
  • Support undo/redo
  • Improved initial scaling of models