Form 1 is Gaining Momentum!

When we first considered a Kickstarter campaign, we were confident that we had assembled a great team and built a disruptive product. The night before launch, you could feel the energy building in our brick-walled office as we tried to guess the response to the Form 1.

Even that euphoria couldn’t raise the optimism so high as to wager that we would reach $2 million in less than 20 days. Yet the support of generous backers like you has taken this groundbreaking project to new heights.

Thanks to you, we are moving more confidently forward with plans that would have taken much longer to enact. We have already recruited multiple new software developers, engineers, and support staff to move Formlabs at an accelerated pace. Thanks to your support, these team members will make Form software more powerful, the Form 1 higher quality, our production lines more efficient, and the overall experience more exciting.

We’ve loved your excitement as you consider the possibilities. We can’t wait to see what you think when you actually get your hands on the Form 1.