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From the Forums: Summer’s Here!

As summer begins here at the Formlabs HQ, our Form 1 users continue to create impressive prints:

Ann Sidenblad’s Zombees

Meanwhile, Ann Sidenblad worked with Rick Marson of ZOMS to print and paint these fun (yet deadly- or undead-ly?) Zombees. Be sure to check out the rest of their colorful collection!

Andrew Guscott Game Controller
Andrew Guscott’s Game Controller

Over in the gaming world, Andrew Guscott has printed this intricate controller with its own unique flare as one of several of his first new prints!

TZdolls Deluxe Figuring
Pierre Berger’s TZdolls Deluxe Figurine

With her funky hair, hip sunglasses and cool shoes all made of Formlabs’ clear resin, this figurine by Pierre Berger at TZdolls flaunts her fabulous look!

The Beast
Matt Burniston’s The Beast

This print may be of the Beast, but it’s surely beautiful. Matt Burniston shows off how amazing a Form 1 print can look when coupled with sophisticated finishing techniques.

Soviet Nuclear Reactor from Command and Conquer
Vince Erb’s C&C Soviet Nuclear Reactor

Red Alert! Vince Erb embraced his fandom of Command & Conquer by creating this awesome replica of the Soviet Nuclear Reactor from the game using the Form 1.

Flying Demonstrator Nose Cones from Mathieu Johnsson

Mathieu Johnsson's Flying Demonstrator

In Mathieu Johnsson’s recent project to create a scaled flying demonstrator in the form of a UAV, he created some beautiful prints for various parts of the project, including these nose cones.

Saturn V Rocket
Joe Kuhn’s Saturn V Rocket

Further expanding on our users’ interests in aerodynamics, Joe Kuhn has designed this neat Saturn V Rocket with removable parts built to snap together. Check out our tutorial on designing press-fit parts to learn more!

Remember to keep sharing your new projects with us on our Forum, and keep an eye on the Formlabs Facebook and Twitter for more highlights.