Fueling Maker Magic at Danger! Awesome

Danger! Awesome is a place where maker magic happens. You could call it the new playground for the 21st century.

Danger! Awesome, a makerspace in Cambridge, MA, offers 3D printing, laser cutting, and 3D modeling classes on a range of digital fabrication tools, including the Form 1+ 3D printer.

“We’re known for being the place where some awesome design stuff happens,” said Nadeem Mazen, one of the co-founders.

“For a shop like us, we can’t afford a $10,000 machine. It has to be cost, with quality.”

Form 1+ printed parts, with their high-resolution and smooth surface finish, become the perfect blank canvas for artists, engineers, and makers who frequent Danger! Awesome.

A man sits at a desk next to a Form 1+ 3D printer painting models
If you’re in Cambridge, make sure to pop by Danger! Awesome and see the Form 1+ in action.

Webinar: Leveraging 3D Printing in Education

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If you're curious about 3D printing and the possibilities of a Formlabs 3D printer, request a free sample part.