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Isaac Cohen's Custom Made Jewelry

Isaac Cohen, a jeweler best known for complex engagement ring and wedding band designs, has been in the business since 1985. As a craftsman, Isaac is faced with the challenge of creating beautiful pieces of customized art quickly and affordably, and looked to our printer, the Form 1+, to do just that.

I learned then that there were three most important rules in 3d printing: resolution, resolution and resolution

Previously, stereolithography 3D printers capable of delivering high-resolution pieces that can withstand the burnout process could cost $10,000 - $100,000, not including fees to maintain and service the machine. Now with his Form 1+ and Castable resin, Isaac is able to produce demanding features, such as filigree tracework or milgrain beading.


Isaac was always amazed at how perfect a model made using CAD turned out. No human hand could produce such a high degree of perfection in both symmetry and consistency of design. After receiving his Form 1+, Isaac was able to create pieces that were previously unattainable on the jewelry bench.

Isaac Cohen's ring design process

Isaac’s design process begins by listening to his customers’ desires for their unique piece. Depending on the request, Isaac will then work on the design using his favorite CAD software 3Design. Working with the customer, Isaac will then use his Form 1+ to create various sizes of the jewelry, to ensure a correct fitting. After the final design is approved, he will send his printed jewelry to a local casting house to finish the piece.

What happens after Isaac sends a design to the casting house? Watch how Golden Century Casting creates beautiful jewelry through the casting process.