The First Form Spaces

The Form Team just crossed two big milestones.

Beta Shipments

First, we quietly shipped our first 15 printers two weeks ago to beta test users (who are printing as we write)!  These shipments are primarily in the Boston area so that we can closely observe the first few Form 1s in the wild, but a few are in different cities and countries. (Thanks to them for the test drive of the customs process.) With their help, the Form Team has been able to quickly identify issues while having the capacity to address them head on. The data is invaluable to test software and hardware, not to mention to prepare instructional material for the thousands of users we will eventually support. Check out some of the awesome Form Spaces and prints below. 

Support Site

Next, we are proud to unveil our support site at! The information there is just a small start to what will soon be a large knowledge base for 3D printing. You can also check out our new video (below) to see the Form 1 print experience from beginning to end. 

Of course, having started on Kickstarter, we understand the power of community. This is why our support site is built with the long-anticipated Form Fan Forums! We can’t wait for you all to try the site, post in the forums, and help us make the new home for this global community. Team members and test users have already started some threads, so feel free to join in the conversation. (Use the same login you created at

We know that you all are eagerly awaiting word on shipment of your own printers, and we plan to update you soon. We have learned that a product launch is better determined by quality than a deadline, and we appreciate your understanding. 

We look forward to showing off a few more things we’ve been working on soon…

-The Form Team