Precise and Versatile 3D Printing for Professionals Across Industries

Formlabs 3D printers are designed to help you excel in your industry, bringing the power of advanced stereolithography to your desktop at a fraction of the cost of service bureaus or industrial SLA printers.

Engineering & Product Design

Design, Print, Test—Faster Than Ever

Reliably integrate 3D printing into your workflow. Rapidly create look-and-feel prototypes with a range of materials.

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Optimize Production Processes

Create custom jigs, fixtures, and tools for small-batch manufacturing in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods.

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Research & Education

On-Demand Experimentation

Test hypotheses quickly and easily and integrate affordable, detailed models into curriculum.

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Model Making & Entertainment

Incredible Details, Beautiful Surface Finish

Capture fine details in high resolution, even with miniatures. Create exhibition-quality parts with an easy-to-use machine.

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Crisp Detail, Clean Burnout

Easily integrate a fully digital workflow and move directly from print to burnout and precious metal casting. Show clients results before investing time in final pieces.

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Industrial Precision for Digital Dentistry

The Form 2 makes high precision 3D printing affordable for dental businesses of all sizes, for scalable production and a fast return on investment. Print dental models, surgical guides, splints, retainers, and more.

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Form 3

The Industry-Leading Desktop 3D Printer, Powered By Low Force Stereolithography

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Form 3L

The First Affordable Large Format Resin 3D Printer

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