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Looking for more information on Formlabs products or want to learn about the power of advanced stereolithography? Below you will find free resources that will help you understand how to successfully implement desktop 3D printing into your workflow.

White Papers

Managing Multiple 3D Printers

With a small facility of stereolithography desktop 3D printers, small businesses, labs, and entrepreneurs can affordably produce high fidelity prototypes and low-volume batches of parts and products in-house.


3D Printing with Desktop Stereolithography (SLA)

With stereolithography (SLA), designers and engineers can 3D print high-quality objects on their desktop, reducing iteration cycles from days to hours.


How Mechanical Properties of Stereolithography 3D Prints are Affected by UV Curing

What is the best way to post-cure your SLA 3D printed parts? We studied the post-cure process in detail in order to optimize final mechanical properties.


Injection Molding from 3D Printed Molds

With affordable desktop 3D printers and injection molding machines, it is possible to create molds in-house to produce small, functional parts for final products.


Digital Dental Model Production with High Accuracy 3D Printing

Digital methods of fabricating dental models, such as 3D printing, have become prevalent as a solution to many of the problems associated with traditional production methods–but only if clinicians can trust that the models are sufficiently accurate.


Digital Implantology with Desktop 3D Printing

Proper use of surgical guides can improve clinical outcomes in dental implant surgeries. Learn more about Formlabs digital Implantology solutions.


Tip Sheet: Selling Custom Jewelry

Learn how high resolution stereolithography (SLA) 3D printers can help you sell 3D printed jewelry design to clients.


When to 3D Print In House and When to Outsource

Learn when to outsource to a 3D printing service bureau or prototype in-house.


Moldmaking with 3D Prints

Moldmaking with desktop 3D printing allows engineers and designers to develop parts faster, more affordably, and entirely in house.



Introducing Form Wash and Form Cure

In this special webinar session, we'll introduce Form Wash and Form Cure, two new products built to help users get the most out of stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing.

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Versatile Production: Print Farms, Microfactories and Makerspaces

Find out how print farms, microfactories, and makerspaces can help you bring a product to market faster than ever before.

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3D Printing in Manufacturing: Insights from the Inside

Watch now to learn how to use 3D printing in production, from prototyping for manufacturability to printing functioning end-use parts.

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Making Molds with 3D Printing

Register now to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of current mold production techniques, as well as the basics of mold design and how they apply to 3D printed molds.

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How to Choose the Right 3D Printing Technology – FDM vs SLA vs SLS

How do you know if you're using the right 3D printing technology for your application? Watch the webinar recording now to learn which is best for you.

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Supports, Orientation, and Lasers–Understanding SLA 3D Printing

Join us for a training webinar on using and understanding Formlabs printers and the systems that are built into the new Form 2.

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Powerful Tools, Seamlessly Integrated: One-Click 3D Printing for Digital Sculptors

Watch this webinar to learn how to seamlessly produce detailed models from digital designs with ZBrush and Formlabs.

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Immersive Learning, Inspired Students: Leveraging 3D Printing in Education

Learn about how 3D printing is changing education, and how you can get started, including curricula ideas and real-world examples.

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Digital Dentistry with Desktop 3D Printing

Dr. Scherer outlines his process for using in-practice desktop 3D printing to print accurate surgical guides.

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Introduction to PreForm

PreForm’s interface is simple and easy to use. Learn the controls and best ways to interact with the print preparation software in our tutorial series.

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Orienting Your Model for Printing

3D printing is as much an art as it is a science. Optimizing every print configuration avoids issues with print output. Watch this episode of our tutorial series to understand the full power of orientation control in PreForm.

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Supporting Your Model in PreForm

PreForm offers basic and advanced support settings. This segment of our video series explains best practices for using PreForm to create support structures and the theory of supporting upside-down geometries.

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Novice and expert printer users start the same, with 3D models. Learn the terminology and technicalities of 3D modeling, as well as repair techniques for common model errors, in our video series.

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