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Did you participate in the referral program before December 22, 2023? If yes, please click “Learn More”.

Here’s how it works:


Get Your Referral Link

Go to the Referral Program page and click on “Create Referral Link”. Then copy your referral link.

Go to Referral Program

You are only eligible to join the referral program if you have purchased a printer from in the past. See Terms and Conditions.

Get €400!

Share Your Referral Link

Share your link with up to ten different friends and colleagues. Ask your referral to sign up for a Formlabs account with your link.*

*If your friend / colleague has already created a Formlabs account without a referral code, ask a Formlabs sales representative to register them with your code.

Get €400!

Get Your Reward!

After each of your referrals redeems their reward, you’ll receive €400 in your account if your referral purchases an SLA printer or €2000 if your referral purchases an SLS printer. Your reward is redeemable automatically on consumables purchased through our website or a sales rep.

Did You Participate in the Referral Program Before December 22, 2023? We have recently changed our program.

  • Your old referral code will expire on December 22, 2023. Please share your new online referral link to continue referring your network. 
  • Your old reward codes received for referring friends will continue to be usable on consumable purchases through a sales representative.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain my unique referral link?

Onсe you have completed your first purchase, you can generate a referral URL unique to you on your My Account page, under the Referral Program tab.

If you have any questions or difficulties, contact Sales and we’ll help get you set up.


How many times can my unique link be redeemed?

Your referral link can be used up to 10 times by new customers.

How much will I earn per referral?

You will earn €400 if your referral purchases an SLA printer or €2000 if your referral purchases an SLS printer.

How much will my referral earn?

Your referral will get €400 off their first SLA printer or €2000 off their first SLS printer.

Can I make an SLS printer referral as a customer who only owns Formlabs SLA printers?

Yes, you can make an SLS printer referral regardless of the type of Formlabs printer you own.

Will I get the €2,000 reward for making an SLS printer referral even if I only own an SLA printer?

Yes, you will get the €2,000 reward. Reward amounts for the advocate are determined only by the type of printer purchased by their referral. 

Will my referral link expire?

Your personalized referral link will never expire, however, the terms of the program are subject to change.

Who can participate in the Referral Program?

Any Formlabs customer can act as the referrer and any individual new to Formlabs can be referred.


What can the reward be used on?

You as the referrer can redeem your reward on materials and accessories. Referees can redeem their reward on their first Formlabs 3D printer purchase.

What should I do if my referral already created a Formlabs account without using my referral link?
Contact a Formlabs sales representative to help your referral get registered with your referral code. 

Where is the referral program valid?

The Formlabs Referral Program is currently valid in North America and EMEA.

Read the Terms & Conditions here.

Resources to Share with Your Network

Share these helpful resources, along with your unique referral code, when you invite your network to experience a Formlabs 3D printer. Whether they want to see a 3D printed sample part or compare cost and time savings, these resources, in addition to your valuable experience and opinion, can help in the decision-making process.


SLA system schema
The Ultimate Guide to Stereolithography (SLA) 3D Printing

In this comprehensive guide, we cover the different types of SLA systems, various materials and their characteristics, and how SLA compares to other 3D printing technologies on the market.

Formlabs Form 3+ 3D printer
Hands-on Demo: The New Form 3+ and Build Platform 2

In this webinar, Matt Lewis and Ricky Hopper walk you through an overview of the improved SLA line, and give a hands on demo of the new products.

Formlabs Form 3+ 3D printer
Explore the Form 3+

Learn more about the Form 3+, an affordable, industrial-quality 3D printer that consistently delivers.