Dec. 10, 2015

Formlabs strengthens its European presence

Dec. 10, 2015 – Formlabs, the designer and manufacturer of powerful and accessible 3D printing systems, announced further expansion into the European market today; doubling staff in their EU Head- quarters and adding multiple distribution partners across Europe.

Driven by the success of their critically acclaimed Form 1+ and Form 2 desktop 3D printers, the company is accelerating growth in Europe to match the growing demand. In order to maintain its high standard of sales service and customer support, Formlabs has increased the size of their EU staff and partnered with key European partners to further expand distribution and service to new markets. These efforts have been designed to improve access to Formlabs technology and support in local languages.

“Europe is a key market for Formlabs and its diversity of culture, industries and languages is what makes it so interesting and challenging at the same time” said Michael Sorkin, General Manager at Formlabs Europe. “We have doubled the size of our EU staff and in just 6 months we will have four times the number of employees as we started. We are looking for a variety of skills, but most of all we want people who are passionate about 3D printing and want to disrupt the industry with us”.

“Moreover, we have expanded our reach by adding key distribution partners in more than 10 different countries including Italy, Spain, Benelux, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Turkey, and we’re looking for more”, added Sorkin.

Formlabs recently launched the Form 2, the company’s second generation high-resolution, desktop stereolithography (SLA) 3D printer at Euromold 2015. The printer has received critical acclaim. TrustedRe- noted that the Forms is “capable of the best print quality you can get from a desktop 3D printer.” Make Magazine also rated Form 2 as the “Best SLA 3D Printer” of 2016. The Form 2 began shipping to customers in late November and it’s available for purchase for €3,299 on


Formlabs sta ampliando l'accesso alla fabbricazione digitale, in modo da rendere la stampa 3D alla portata di tutti. L’azienda leader nella stampa 3D ha introdotto la sua business unit dentale nel novembre 2019 per soddisfare le esigenze dei laboratori odontotecnici e degli studi di ogni dimensione. Formlabs Dental è composta da un team di professionisti del settore dentale dedicati a fornire le migliori soluzioni di stampa 3D del settore. Formlabs ha migliorato la vita di centinaia di migliaia di pazienti grazie alla stampa di 13 milioni di parti dentali sulla Form 2 e ha recentemente ampliato ulteriormente questo impatto con l’aggiunta di dispositivi hardware incentrati sul dentale, la Form 3B, la Form 3B+ e la Form 3BL. Oltre ai suoi prodotti hardware, Formlabs ha oltre 50 ingegneri dei materiali e una solida offerta di materiali dentali disponibili per essere utilizzati sulle stampanti Form 3B, Form 3B+ e Form 3BL.

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