Watch Tested’s Adam Savage Put His Brand New Form 3L “Through Its Paces”

Between Mythbusters and Tested, Adam Savage has gotten his hands on a wide range of tools. But one piece of equipment he has never had in his workshop is a 3D printer. That all changed when he got his hands on a brand new Form 3L

Read on to see some of the highlights from his journey with our large-format 3D printer.

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Unboxing the Form 3L

Of course, in typical Adam Savage style, his first order of business was to handcraft an efficient wheeled table for the printer. Watch the video below to see Adam unbox his new Form 3L and get it properly set up in his shop. 

We don’t want to spoil anything, but at the end you’ll hear Adam’s grand plans for his new Form 3L. Suffice it to say they’ve got us pretty excited. 

(Bonus points if you can guess the specific component of the Form 3L that has Adam especially “enamored.” We bet you can’t.)

Building a Curing Chamber

With his first prints out of the way, Adam Savage learned a lot about the SLA 3D printing process. One of the key steps of this workflow is post-processing, a process that includes washing and curing finished parts to help them achieve their final material properties. 

Form Wash L and Form Cure L automate the post-processing workflow so you can consistently produce quality results and maintain a tidy workspace with less time and effort. But if you’re Adam Savage, you don’t wait. You build a curing station of your own.

Watch the video below to see Adam build a DIY UV curing oven for his Form 3L.

Printing a Blaster Replica with the Form 3L

With his wheeled table up and running and a fully functional UV curing oven ready to go, Adam Savage set up his first project with the Form 3L: An Amban Blaster replica from The Mandalorian. This replica combines 3D printed parts with carved wood and even machined components to bring this prop from the Star Wars universe to life.

Watch the video below to see why Adam Savage says that owning a resin 3D printer is “like Christmas every day” (and of course, to see him make this awesome prop).

Learn More About Form 3L

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