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From 3D print to rideable rollercoaster

Student riding Ben Katz's rollercoaster on the MIT campus

After months of planning and a week of skillful building, the student-built rollercoaster in MIT’s East Campus has been completed and is now offering rides to any and all brave individuals of the general public.

The construction of the rollercoaster was lead by Formlabs’ very own summer intern, Ben Katz, who took advantage of high resolution 3D printing on the Form 1+ to build a 1:60 scale model of the coaster. While the 60 hours of collective print time it took to print the scale model is certainly impressive, Katz revealed that he spent over 16 hours a day for a week with a handful of other MIT students, building the full scale, rideable version of the roller coaster.

3D Printed version of Ben Katz's rollercoaster

When asked if anything surprised him during the construction process, Katz replied “I was amazed by how smooth everything went. We had a great group of dedicated people that worked really hard on this over the past week.”

The roller coaster will be up until next week, so be sure to check out the amazing structure for yourself!

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