3D Printers

Form 3

Reliable industrial-quality 3D printer with a compact footprint

Starting at 3299
excluding VAT

Fuse 1

The industrial power of selective laser sintering on your benchtop

Starting at 13999
excluding VAT

Refurbished Form 2

A like-new Form 2 3D printer and the essential tools required to start printing, backed by a 1-year warranty

Starting at 1899
excluding VAT

Form 3L

Easy-to-use large format 3D printer for reliable production of industrial-quality parts

Starting at 8999
excluding VAT

Form 3B

Dental and medical 3D printer optimized for biocompatible materials, 1-year premium support included

Starting at 4199
excluding VAT

Form 3BL

The dependable choice for high-volume dental production, with premium dental support included

Starting at 11749
excluding VAT