Jun. 10, 2014

Formlabs stellt Form 1+ vor

The redesigned stereolithographic 3D printer offers superior prints at higher speeds. Formlabs also announced Black resin, their online European store, a 1 year warranty, and new software.

SOMERVILLE, Mass., Jun. 10, 2014 – Formlabs announced the Form 1+ today, an extensive overhaul of their flagship desktop stereolithographic 3D printer. The fast-growing 3D printer startup also announced a new material today, as well as the launch of their European store.

“The Form 1+ incorporates everything that we’ve learned in the past year,” said Ian Ferguson, Lead Engineer at Formlabs. “We’ve given every part of the machine another look, updating it for better performance and reliability: a new laser, a new control system, and upgraded precision and quality for dozens of components.”

The Form 1+ has a second-generation laser system that is four times more powerful than its predecessor, allowing it to print up to 50% faster. It also has a redesigned galvanometer control system, so it produces models with finer detail and a smoother surface finish. Numerous other components have been overhauled to provide a more reliable printing experience.

A reinforced peel motor assembly and an all-new light-blocking injection-molded resin tank – allowing resin to be easily stored — ensure repeatable, dependable prints, and better materials care. Along with these improvements, Formlabs is proud to offer an industry-leading 1 year warranty, at no extra cost.

“The Form 1+ is a huge step for us,” Maxim Lobovsky, cofounder, said. “With the Form 1+, we’re maintaining our lead in providing the most affordable, professional-quality machines to artists, designers, and engineers around the world.” The machine’s price remains the same at $3,299 (€2,799), available directly from formlabs.com.

Factory Upgrade Program

Owners of the original Form 1 will have the opportunity to participate in a factory upgrade program that will bring their printer to Form 1+ specifications and grant them a new 1-year warranty. The Form 1+ Upgrade is available from formlabs.com for $749 (€599).

Black Resin Released

Formlabs also announced the release of a new material today. Black resin joins White, Clear, and Grey in the company’s growing materials library. Michal Firstenberg, a Formlabs Materials Scientist, said, “Our black resin captures details amazingly well, and has a beautiful finish and rich color. We’re excited to see what people will make.” The resin is available from formlabs.com for $149 (€125) per liter.

New Website & Software

Formlabs is devoted to providing the best end-to-end customer experience possible. In that spirit, the Form 1+ launch is accompanied by a major software release, PreForm 1.5. The updated software introduces powerful manual support controls, a much-requested feature. Formlabs also rolled-out a revamped, internationalized web store, website, and support center, to continue to provide top-notch customer support and high-quality educational materials.

Expansion to Europe

Along with new product releases, Formlabs is also announcing an expanded European presence today. The Boston-based company now offers EU-based sales, shipping and servicing, dramatically reducing the shipping costs and servicing time that international customers experience. “This is the first stage of greater expansion to come,” said Luke Winston, Operations Lead at Formlabs. “We’re excited to offer better service to customers around the world.”

Complete Form 1+ Package (.8mb)

Form 1+, printing (2.2mb)

Form 1+ (1.9mb)

Rooks in white, clear, grey, black (.8mb)

Parts printed on the Form 1+ (1.2mb)


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