Automate Breakfast with 3D Printing Kitchen Extensions

Breakfast workflows present many challenges: how do you plan the order of cooking to keep food warm? How can you ensure that your meal tastes and looks amazing?

Introducing: Form 2 Kitchen Extensions. Designed to streamline and automate your cooking process, our new Kitchen Extensions make it possible to achieve precise temperatures, perfectly time and cook each dish, and create beautiful, intricate breakfasts.

Advanced Photocaramelization

Now, you can pair the power of your 3D printer’s optical engine with new Pancake Batter Resin to create beautiful, delicious pancakes. Using advanced photocaramelization, the Form 2’s custom-built galvanometers guide its 250mW precision laser to draw intricate, finely detailed pancake designs. Looking for somthing different? Use the Waffle Platform wth Pancake Batter Resin for perfect waffles, every time.

We thought we were excited about our new suite of dental resins, but our latest launch is making even bigger waves: “It’s the new sugar resins that really drive our business!” - Dr. Michael Scherer, DMD, MS

Pancakes sit in a resin tank on the Form 2 3D printer.

High Resolution, Fried or Scrambled

Our second new extension, aptly titled the EGGstension, enables the Form 2 to make amazing fried or scrambled eggs. Insert a cartridge of Egg Resin, sit back, and watch as liquid eggs automatically fill into the resin tank. Select “sunny side up” mode to use the laser to fry, and “scramble” mode to pair the laser’s heat with our special new wiper attachment for scrambling. Both Egg Resin and the Egg Wiper come as part of the EGGstension.

A schematic
Egg Resin is engineered for dimensional accuracy and repeatable high-resolution flavor.

Build a Breakfast Print Cell

The best breakfasts have lots of options. Diversify your breakfast by investing in a Breakfast Print Cell. Automate the cooking of pancakes, eggs, and even bacon at the same time with ease using a setup of multiple printers. Be on the lookout for our upcoming Lunch and Dinner extensions and cells, too!

A Formlabs print cell in a kitchen.

Make it this far?…April Fools’! Sorry to disappoint but, while we unfortunately don’t have a breakfast line (…yet), we are driving business for dentists and dental labs through our growing library of dental materials (check them out and request a free sample). Print cells are real, too. Learn more about how you can leverage multi-printer setups to scale up your non-breakfast operation in our white paper “Managing Multiple 3D Printers: How to Create an In-House Facility for Rapid Prototyping and Low-Volume Production.”

Download the White Paper

Disclaimer: Food printed with the Form 2 is not safe for consumption by humans, dogs, pigs, or other animals, but may be safe for tardigrades. We didn't test that, but have you seen what those things are cool with?