Get Hands-on With Our Large-Format LFS 3D Printer in Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific

Formlabs is taking the Form 3L on the road! Our large-format stereolithography (SLA) printer is now available for purchase, and we can’t wait for more people to get their hands on it.  

There are multiple ways to see the Form 3L in person: official Formlabs events, events hosted by our partners, and at partners' showrooms. While events hosted by Formlabs and our partners are a traveling affair, partners’ showrooms are fixed locations in Europe and North America, which allow you to get hands-on experience with 3D printed parts, 3D printers, and the opportunity to get your questions answered by an expert.

Why should you see the Form 3L in person? 

  • To see perfectionism that scales. The Form 3L printers some of the highest quality SLA parts on the market. 
  • To experience life-sized prints for larger-than-life ideas. With a build platform five times larger than the Form 3 and Form 2, prints on the Form 3L are BIG!
  • To understand large-scale 3D printing. See how easy it is to bring large-format 3D printing in house, and drop your overpriced outsourcing firm.

Don't take our word for it: 

“The quality of Grey Resin on the Form 3L was higher than on the Form 2. Even minute features came out at very high clarity on the Form 3L. We also printed with Tough 2000 and were blown away by how good the surface quality is on the Form 3L.”

- Matt Tetzl, R+D technician at Black Diamond Equipment 

Where Can You Meet Form 3L?

Below is the current lineup of showrooms where you can see the Form 3L. Partner showrooms are permanent locations which you can visit to see the Form 3L and other 3D printers in person. Reservations may be required depending on location, so please call ahead of your visit. 









United Kingdom:


You can also see the Form 3L in one of our Formlabs sponsored events. The up to date list of events, with sign up information, is available in the Formlabs Roadshow and Roundtable page.

In our Roadshow events, experts from different industries will introduce you to practical work processes, discuss the transition to digital workflows, and its impact on your day-to-day business, as well as present user cases.

The Roundtable sessions are small-group-format events focused on 3D printing applications within specific industries. Here you can network and learn from Formlabs users who will discuss common challenges and explain how 3D printing can help tackle them.

Learn More About Our Events

L.Corporation (Korea)

Formlabs and our partners are traveling to industry hubs across the world to celebrate the capabilities of 3D printing in digital manufacturing.  We’re bringing together local innovators and discussing how leveraging large-format 3D printing on the Form 3L will create new business opportunities.