Formlabs Roadshow 2019

Formlabs is traveling to industry hubs across the world to celebrate the capabilities of 3D printing in digital manufacturing.  We’re bringing together local innovators and discussing how leveraging 3D printing has created new business opportunities. Join us to talk about both common challenges and intuitive digital manufacturing solutions.

Along with the opportunity to connect with Formlabs users in your community, you’ll also have the chance to see the next generation of 3D printing: the Form 3.

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Some Past Events:

The Netherlands 2019

Belgium 2019

Poland 2019

United Kingdon 2019

Sweden 2019

Mexico 2019

Germany 2019

Los Angeles, USA 2018

New York City, USA 2018

Companies That Often Attended Our Events


Learn More About the Formlabs Roadshow

We are bringing together local innovators and global disruptors to discuss how accessible 3D printing technology is enabling manufacturing across the business and education landscapes.


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