Leading the Future of Performance Products With Customized Manufacturing

Learn how Formlabs armed New Balance with the completely new 3D printing material and production system they needed to launch TripleCell, a new platform that’s poised to deliver the true on-demand performance customization that today’s consumers crave.

Consumers Have Changed, Manufacturing Hasn’t

The modern consumer demands custom products that can be ordered from anywhere, from a variety of devices, and quickly delivered. On digital platforms, customization is everywhere. Physical products, constrained by the rigidity of traditional manufacturing, haven’t caught up.

The Freedom to Design and Manufacture High-Performance Custom Products

3D printing offers the freedom to affordably produce complex, customized structures. New Balance understood this potential, but needed a way to move the technology from prototyping into production at scale—and find a material suitable for end-use in footwear.

“The world is changing. People want custom things made just for them that have higher performance and that can ship overnight.”

Dávid Lakatos, Chief Product Officer, Formlabs

Make Manufacturing Your Secret Ingredient

Collaborate with Formlabs on exploring and implementing new applications for 3D printing. Contact our consulting team to learn more.


“TripleCell is really on the leading edge of bringing New Balance domestic manufacturing into the digital age.”

Katy O’Brien, Engineering Manager, New Balance Manufacturing Innovation

Get Started With 3D Printing

Get to know the SLA 3D printers that power New Balance’s TripleCell platform. Order the Form 3 or Form 3L and start exploring your own 3D printing applications today.