Jan. 05, 2017

Formlabs Shares What’s Ahead for 3D Printing at 2017 International CES

SOMERVILLE, Mass. & LAS VEGAS, Nev., Jan. 05, 2017Formlabs, the designer and manufacturer

of powerful and accessible 3D printing systems, kicked off the 2017 International CES by announcing plans to introduce a completely reformulated Grey Resin that creates a beautiful matte finish on printed parts, Form X, a new experimental product platform, and Ceramic Resin, the platform’s first experimental resin. Formlabs will share more about the new Grey resin, Form X and Ceramic Resin at its CES talk (“Manufacturing and 3D Printing in 2017” on January 6, 11:30AM, Venetian/L4 Marcello 4405).

“Our general purpose resins have always been a great focus of our development efforts,” said Dávid Lakatos, chief product officer at Formlabs. “We worked together with our customers to arrive at the third reformulation of Grey, which brings greater opacity and matte finish to one of our most beloved materials.”

“In announcing Form X, we want to get innovative materials and research tools into the hands of those who wish to explore, improvise, and push the boundaries of what’s possible with 3D printing and on the Form 2,” said Lakatos. “Ceramic Resin is perfect example with Form X. Ceramic Resin is one of the most novel areas in material science to explore in 3D printing right now. Ceramic 3D printing allows for the creation of structures and complex geometries not possible with traditional ceramic fabrication techniques.”

At CES*, Formlabs will be showcasing products and demos from a group of companies involved in some of the most innovative uses of 3D printing through Formlabs technology, from mass customization to final production. These companies are using digital manufacturing to transform the fields of healthcare, prosthetics, virtual reality, and many more.

Changing how bionic hands are made: Individuals with need of a prosthetic hand often face the challenge of finding highly customized, affordable solutions that are truly made-to- t to their needs. GE engineer Lyman Connor is aiming to tackle this challenge by launching Handsmith, a company making customized, affordable prosthetics through Formlabs’ machines and engineering resins.

Virtual reality and fitness: Enflux motion capture clothes allow you to become a virtual character just by moving your body. It’s a shirt and pants with tiny built-in motion sensors. CES attendees are welcome to try on the shirt and check out this interactive VR experience!

Waterproof camera for diving: Paralenz is an underwater action camera built for diving by divers. It is tough, easy to use, waterproof up to 400 meters, and delivers high quality footage even from extreme depths.

*Formlabs CES location: Tech West, Sands Expo Center, Booth #42315

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Formlabs sta ampliando l'accesso alla fabbricazione digitale, in modo da rendere la stampa 3D alla portata di tutti. L’azienda leader nella stampa 3D ha introdotto la sua business unit dentale nel novembre 2019 per soddisfare le esigenze dei laboratori odontotecnici e degli studi di ogni dimensione. Formlabs Dental è composta da un team di professionisti del settore dentale dedicati a fornire le migliori soluzioni di stampa 3D del settore. Formlabs ha migliorato la vita di centinaia di migliaia di pazienti grazie alla stampa di 13 milioni di parti dentali sulla Form 2 e ha recentemente ampliato ulteriormente questo impatto con l’aggiunta di dispositivi hardware incentrati sul dentale, la Form 3B, la Form 3B+ e la Form 3BL. Oltre ai suoi prodotti hardware, Formlabs ha oltre 50 ingegneri dei materiali e una solida offerta di materiali dentali disponibili per essere utilizzati sulle stampanti Form 3B, Form 3B+ e Form 3BL.

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