Announcing PreForm Software!

We're thrilled to announce the preview release of PreForm Software! The software team has taken the package to new levels to make printing easier and faster. We can't wait to make PreForm even better with your input after you take it for a test drive.

Since Kickstarter, we've overhauled the UI to make it simpler, sleeker, and more intuitive to use. You can import any .STL file, prepare it for printing, and send it to your Form 1 printer. With a few mouse clicks, you can import one or more models, scale and orient them for optimal printing.

We're especially excited about two powerful core features. Our blazing-fast custom slicer reduces model prep time so your software load is only a small fraction of the process. PreForm also automatically generates support structures for more complex print geometries. Our unique algorithm makes the supports do their job while printing but easy to remove upon completion.

PreForm software Neptune model

PreForm is currently Windows only, though we're hard at work on a Mac version. Download the preview release here.

We've got more exciting features in the pipeline, like mesh repair capabilities and improved support structures. PreForm will notify you when an update is ready.

Feel free to suggest new features on the Form Fan Forums and help us stomp out bugs by reporting them with the subject line “PreForm bug”. Your input is invaluable to making PreForm even better for the arrival of your Form 1. Enjoy!