What will you create with your Form 1?

The end of Kickstarter is only the beginning of the Form 1. Soon, literally 1,000 of you will have this amazing printer on your desk. In the meantime, we’ll be telling one or two stories each month of what our early test users are doing.

Our good friend Pip, for example, describes herself as “a product designer with a technical background” who is “constantly considering the instinctive responses of people to everything in the world around them…and then developing these insights into naturally intuitive and responsive products for us to interact with daily.”

Given this mindset, Pip recently decided to experiment with 3D scanners to scan real world objects rather than designing them from scratch in a CAD platform. She started with more complex shapes, but realized that 3D scanning isn’t as simple as you might think. There’s still some CAD work to be done after the scan. So she shifted to simpler shapes, like a donut to create rings on a keychain.

Once rendered virtually, Pip had a big question: where to print in 3D? The Form 1, of course. Check out the whole process on Pip’s blog.

This real life to computer to real life example of 3D printing is just one example of millions of ways to put the Form 1 to work.

What will you create with your Form 1?