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New Year. New Resolution.

Happy New Year from Formlabs!
We’re excited to kick off 2015 with some news that brings new function to your Form 1+ SLA 3D printer. Today we’re releasing a software update that adds a 200 micron print setting. This setting, combined with our new support structures makes your From 1+ significantly faster and more efficient.

But wait, there’s more! Our very own Adam Lebovitz, the man who brought you the ‘Sounds of the Form 1 - Remix’, just completed a remarkable project; he designed and 3D-printed a speaker. Not just the speaker housing - using our new Flexible Resin, he printed the actual speaker. And he’s made all the files and instructions available for you to make your own. It’s a DIY project that’s ready to rock.

200 Micron Resolution
For engineers and designers who need results fast, our new 200 micron resolution allows the Form 1+ to print with thicker layers, without sacrificing surface quality. It’s perfect for rapid prints, and it dramatically outperforms leading FDM machines at the same resolution. The new setting is available in the latest version of PreForm and works on all Form 1+ 3D Printers printing with Clear Resin.

200 micron 3D printed rook comparison
Our Rook prints twice as fast as leading FDM printers at the same resolution.

New Print Supports
Some of you noticed that we slipped new support structures in the last Preform update.
These supports use a sophisticated algorithm to generate more robust and efficient print supports. They reduce print time, provide better resin flow, and use up to 60% less material. These little supports are a pretty big deal.

New support structures
Our new supports make for faster prints and use less materials.

3D-Printed Speaker
Last, but definitely not least, Adam Lebovitz’s 3D printed speaker. Adam conceived of the speaker to work with our new Flexible resin. As you can see from the exploded diagram, all you need is a little wire, magnets, a screw, and a Form 1+ with Black and Flexible resin. You’ll be surprised how great the speaker sounds. You can find all the files and instructions here.

Exploded view of 3D printed speaker
Diagram of an exploded 3D printed speaker

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