PreForm Marches On

We’ve got another software update for you from our growing development team. PreForm 0.9.2 wraps up a few nice features to make preparing and printing your models even better.

The button circled above limits rotation so that your model only spins about the z-axis.  With this type of rotation, you don't need to re-generate the support structures each time you move the model. This especially helps when you’re placing multiple models on the build platform — packing is a lot less time-consuming!

PreForm automatically pause print when refills are needed

For those of you who print large models, we’ve added a feature that automatically pauses the print when we’ve estimated that you’ll need to top off your tank.

PreForm 0.9.2 Changelog

  • Z-only rotation for faster layout and packing manipulation
  • Automatic pause for refilling your resin tank
  • Less cross-linking between support structures, allowing easier removal
  • Cutouts on internal supports to reduce material usage
  • Improved OS X Mavericks compatibility
  • Assorted bug fixes and stability improvements

For all our customers out there still waiting for their Form 1 — we hear you, and we promise we’re working hard. If you have a question about a specific order, please drop a note to our team, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.