State of the Union: Building a 3D Future

Formlabs has always seen 3D printing as a revolutionary technology that can provide engineers, designers, and makers with the power to give shape to their imaginations. President Obama’s recent State of the Union address reinforced that point, showing that leaders in Washington are starting to recognize how 3D printing can help make “America a magnet for new jobs and manufacturing.”

We think Formlabs is a great example of the importance of the 3D printing industry to good jobs and high-quality manufacturing here in the United States.  Our development team includes engineers, chemists, designers, and programmers, all working hand-in-hand with one another out of repurposed industrial space in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  And Formlabs relies on the skilled contributions of our U.S.-based manufacturing team to build and ship reliable products efficiently.

But building a great 3D printer is just the beginning.  Powerful, affordable, and user-friendly 3D printing can enable millions of creative individuals to design and develop the products of tomorrow, from electronics to apparel.  That’s why Formlabs is committed to bringing a new standard of high-quality, precision 3D printing to the world at an affordable price. 

Form 1 3D printer made in America