Form Cell

Automated 3D Print Production,
Powered by the Form 2

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A scalable cell of 3D printers that parallelizes and automates repetitive processes.

  • Complete work cell from file to finished part. A row of Form 2 3D printers, Form Wash, and an industrial robotic gantry system.
  • Proven track record. Scale production with the Form 2, the best-selling SLA print engine that’s already stood the test of printing more than 10 million parts.
  • Reduced labor through smarter software. Print job scheduling, remote monitoring, and part and serial number printing.
  • Factory ready. API endpoints for integration with industry-standard business systems (CRM, ERP, MES) or your homegrown systems so Form Cell can be part of your existing workflow.

The 24-Hour Digital Factory

  • Optimized for the lowest cost per part. Prove ROI in months instead of years.
  • True lights-out manufacturing. Optimize part creation and reduce downtime with reliable, stable printing, no check-ins required.
  • Less labor, more time. Eliminate the most repetitive parts of the 3D printing process so people can focus on higher-value tasks.
  • Affordable cellular manufacturing. Form Cell is designed to be affordably customized for every business.

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Develop Your Form Cell

Every Form Cell setup is unique. Work with us to design the system that fits your application and needs. If your company could benefit from automating small batch manufacturing, let’s work together to develop a tailored solution.

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