Form Cell

Automated 3D Print Production, Powered by the Form 2

Reduce labor costs and downtime with a reliable, proven print engine. Form Cell combines the reliable, proven 3D printing power of the Form 2 with advanced automation technology to help your business scale mass customized production.

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Putting Mass Customization Within Reach

Prove ROI in months instead of years with an array of 3D printers that automates repetitive processes. Take the Form 2 from the desktop to the factory floor with an enclosed, fully-interlocked system.

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Automation Dashboard

Simple interface for print schedule automation, Form Cell calibration, Wash cycle settings, system alerts configuration, and more.

Reduced Labor Through Smarter Software

Touchscreen Interface

A touchscreen is mounted to the Form Cell to track and manage printing and washing operations for multiple Form 2 and Form Wash units.

Preform Print Preperation

Set up prints using PreForm, the same intuitive desktop software that Form 2 users rely on for prepping parts with added Form Cell selection criteria.

Form Cell Dashboard

The Formlabs Dashboard allows users to remotely monitor print progress and status across Form 2 and Form Cell machines.

Intelligent Queueing

Our proprietary software controls a print-wash-dry manufacturing process, with additional computer-vision based calibration routines.

Build Your Lights-Out Digital Factory

Form Cell drastically lowers cost per part and is designed to be affordably configured for every business. If your company could benefit from automating mass customization or small batch manufacturing, let's start the conversation.

Configure Your Solution

Foundation Package: Your Introduction to the Formlabs Workflow

Going from 3D printing to full scale production can be daunting. The Foundation Package includes the hardware and services your company needs to quickly print and post-process high quality parts.

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