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Accelerate product development, optimize manufacturing processes, and transform your business model with a reliable, proven print engine, the Form 2. Our team of specialists can help configure the right multi-printer solution to seamlessly scale from the desktop to the factory floor.

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Form Cell: A Glimpse Into the Future of Production

Form Cell, a technology demonstration by Formlabs, explores how pairing the proven 3D printing power of the Form 2 with advanced automation technology could help the factories of the future.

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System Dashboard

Simple interface for print schedule automation, Form Cell calibration, Wash cycle settings, system alerts configuration, and more.

Go From Prototyping to Production With the Form 2

Contact a specialist to configure the hardware and services your company needs to get started with in-house production or scale your operation as your business grows.

Configure Your Custom Multi-Printer Solution

Faster Turnaround with In-House Production

Learn how to create an in-house facility to affordably produce high fidelity models and low-volume batches of parts and products. Our white paper offers an in-depth overview of what to consider or a minimum-investment, high throughput setup of six or more desktop 3D printers, for a very fast return on initial investment compared to outsourcing.

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