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Rapid Prototyping for Agile Product Development

3D Printing for Engineers & Product Designers

Truly rapid iterations with most parts in <24 hours
Cut costs by up to 90% compared to outsourcing
Versatile tools for every stage of the product development
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Concept Exploration

Elevate initial ideas with low-risk concept explorations that look like real products. From CAD to physical object in no time, rapidly develop, evaluate, and iterate a range of designs in-house.

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Rapid Prototyping

Looks-Like: Test design iterations and communicate ideas to stakeholders affordably and quickly.

Works-Like: Reliably develop proofs of concept and test functional prototypes with materials closely matching common injection-molded plastics.

Feels-Like: Simulate a range of materials from rubber to rigid, and create prototypes with the smooth finish and feel of end products.

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A Product Development Company Using 3D Printing To Do It All


Use advanced materials to design for manufacturability. Create small-batch runs or one-off custom solutions for comprehensive field and in-house testing before investing in expensive tooling for production.

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Moving towards production? Learn how 3D printing can be used in manufacturing.

3D Printing Applications in Manufacturing

Cut Your Prototyping Cycle to 24 hours

Never again wait weeks for prototypes to arrive from a service provider. With in-house 3D printing, you can create rapid prototypes within a day, run tests, tweak your design, and print again.

Design Process: Papers and Tools on Top of a Desk.
Step 1


Design your object in CAD during work hours.

3D Printer in Function
Step 2

3D Print

3D print the prototype parts overnight.

Step 3
Step 3


Clean, measure, test, create assemblies, and collect feedback on your design in the morning.

Step 4
Step 4


Tweak your design and repeat the process.

Speaker Prototype
Speaker Housing Prototype

16.5 x 13.5 x 13.5 cm
6.5 x 5.3 x 5.3 in

A Full Suite of 3D Printing Solutions

High-Performance Engineering Materials

Simulate a range of common injection-molded plastics with materials designed for the most demanding applications and produce durable end-use parts and complex assemblies with high environmental stability.

Helmet Prototype
Helmet Prototype
Draft Resin
Rapid design iterations
High throughput applications
Printing large parts fast
VR Headset Prototype
VR Headset Prototype
Tough 1500 Resin
Strength and stiffness of PP
Parts that bend and spring back quickly
Certified for permanent skin contact
Snowboard Binding Prototype
Snowboard Binding Prototype
Nylon 12 Powder
High performance prototyping
Permanent jigs, fixtures, and tooling
Biocompatible, sterilizable parts
Injection Mold Insert
Injection Mold Insert
Rigid 10K Resin
Stiffness of glass and fiber-filled thermoplastics
Short-run injection mold masters and inserts
Heat resistant and fluid exposed components
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