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Monitor And Manage Your 3D Printers Online

Follow your prints online, track consumables and service coverage, organize printers and manage access, and get notifications when a print is finished — all for free.

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Follow Your Prints Online

Get an overview of all your registered printers and the time remaining on ongoing print jobs to improve the planning and utilization of your printers.

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Track Consumables

View all the materials and resin tanks in your inventory to know when your supplies are running low. Dive into advanced statistics on your entire print history, and track print success and printer utilization to improve your workflow and guarantee that your business is running at maximum efficiency.

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Formlabs Service Agents

Track Your Service Coverage

Register your service plans to have an instant overview of service and warranty coverage for all your printers in one place.

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Get Notified

Receive SMS and email notifications when your print starts and finishes or if it’s interrupted to get the most parts out of your printer per day.

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Organize Printers and Manage Access

Group printers based on location or printer purpose and track prints or material usage, and monitor print queues within each group. Manage access by sharing printers or printer groups for increased efficiency. With Fleet Control, you can also send prints directly to printer groups to queue and automatically assign them.

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Fleet Control

Advanced 3D Printer Fleet Management

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Dashboard: Your One-Stop Portal

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