2.5 is our lucky number!!

Can we say “wow” enough? Probably not. The last two and a half days have left the Formlabs team with a wide array of expressions of joy and amazement, not to mention some sore hands from all the high-fiving. On day 1, we met our Kickstarter target within 2.5 hours. Now we hit ONE MILLION DOLLARS within 2.5 days!

So, no, we can’t say “wow” enough. Nor can we say “thank you” enough to all of you who believe that high resolution 3D printing belongs on your desktop so that you can create even more impressive prints. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Can you believe we are only on Kickstarter day 3?

We appreciate your patience as we try to respond to everyone’s concerns. We are continuously posting new updates to our FAQ to the myriad technical questions you have posed. We know how important this information is to you and your printing needs, so we apologize for any delays.

Thank you for your questions and comments because they show us how valuable your input already is to help make the full production Form 1 the best experience possible. We look forward to working very closely with our backers as we build, package, and ship your brand new 3D printers!

We had no idea our rewards would sell out so fast, and we realize that many of you, especially those of you outside the USA, still want to be among the first to put a Form 1 on your desk. We are working very hard to satisfy this impressive demand while making sure we can responsibly fulfill our promises. Our highest priority is to make you happy since you have been so generous. Please stay tuned for updates on this front.

Now, to set up for Maker Faire this weekend. Come by the 3D Printer Pavilion if you want to see the Form 1 and the printed parts in action!