Build Your Printer’s Namesake Contest!

What’s Your Printer's Name?

Instead of serial numbers, all Form 1 and Form 1+ SLA 3D Printers have unique names made from a randomly paired Adjective and Animal. For example, the Form 1+ on Support Engineer Brian Allan’s desk is named “ConsciousOtter”. You can find your printer’s name on the back of your machine, near the USB port.

Build Your Printer's Namesake

We're having a bit of a fun competition. Model and print your machine’s namesake, and post it to this thread on the Formlabs Forum before April 1st. We’ll put together a cast of characters to judge the entries. The winner will receive a liter of resin and shiny new resin tank.

You can read more about serial names in the Formlabs Forum and see some great examples from our users.

Brian, who moonlights as a Blender ninja, got us started by building his ConsciousOtter.

Conscious Otter image 2

For bonus points, he gave it an awesome paint job.

Conscious Otter image 3

A Third eye brings “consciousness” to the Conscious Otter.

Conscious Otter image 4

Upload your entry to this thread in the Formlabs Forum by April 1st for a chance to win a new bottle of resin and a new resin tank.

Official Contest Rules are available here.