Formlabs Engineering: Meet Erika Tsutsumi

Erika is one of the all-star interns who has joined the Formlabs team this summer. We took a few moments to catch up with her, as she went about her work.

Formlabs Engineering Intern Erika Tsutsumi

Erika Tsutsumi


Describe yourself in five words
I always smell like chlorine.

What I’m working on
Making the printer even more awesome! Tweaking settings, trying out some different subsystems, etc. I work with both hardware and software, but my background is in mechanical engineering, so I am learning how to do a lot of the software stuff as I go. Last week, for example, I successfully wrote about 200 lines of code in a language I’d never used before. I’m also learning how to use OSX (after a decade in Windows), and collecting spare computers, each for a separate, dedicated function.

Something wicked awesome I’ve made this summer is
Chocolate chip banana bread – it went quick. =) But actually, I printed some planetary gears, just to see how it would go, I printed a miniature bicycle for a friend’s birthday, and I have some bike accessories I want to print for my own bike. I can’t really write about the development work I’m doing here, but it’s pretty sweet.

Formlabs has fed my obsession with
Coffee, craft beer, and unhealthy snacks. Also rock climbing, which I’m relatively new to.