Gyro Cube Update

As you can imagine, printing 425 gyro cubes requires a bunch of 3D printers. Since most of our prototypes have been tied up in final production testing we are behind schedule. Luckily, engineers like Craig (pictured above) have been hard at work getting the production line in order. (The Form Lab just got a lot more orange with the first batch of printers!)

Craig also happens to be our Lead Gyro Cube designer, having been inspired by the original Gyro the Cube by Virtox. He has taken the gyro through many iterations, including the three shown below. Each concentric sphere must closely fit within the next to stay in place, but not too tight to limit a good spin. Eventually he decided the four spheres weren't enough to put the Form 1 SLA 3D printer to use. So he added a suspended butterfly for good measure.

Gyrocubes in Preform Software

Armed with a good design and our very own growing “printer farm”, we're ready to start shipping out the first gyros next week. Of course, given the large number to print, fulfillment will take several months to complete. We hope you understand our focus on readying Form 1 production, and we appreciate your patience. When they do arrive, we hope you don't lose too much productivity being mesmerized by your gyro cube!

P.S. Make sure to check out the full production machines in New York next week.

Collection of gyrospheres