PreForm 1.5: Introducing Manual Support Editing

Table of contents

    To find the first user suggestion of manual support editing capabilities in PreForm, we’d have to do a lot of digging. To count the number of user suggestions of manual support editing since we first launched our powerful print-preparation software, we’d need more fingers than we have printers. (And we have a lot of printers.)

    Today, the counting ends: PreForm 1.5 introduces manual support control. Download Here.


    • Form 1+ support (as well as backward compatibility!)
    • Updated EULA reflecting our new warranty information
    • Manual support editing capabilities
    • Black resin material settings
    • Improved print time estimation
    • Improved resin volume estimation
    • .form files now preserve viewing angle
    • handfuls of improvements to make PreForm faster, smarter, and more agile