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May 17-19, 2022 | Detroit, MI

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"There's nothing that beats the sensation and feeling of holding an object in your hands with the correct weight, with the correct proportions, and the dynamics of how the physical environment changes [that] object."

Shay Moradi, VP of Innovation & Experiential Technology at Vital Auto

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Vital Auto

How the Concept Cars of Tomorrow Are Made With 3D Printing

Located in the heart of the UK's auto industry, Vital Auto is an industrial design studio with deep expertise in automotive design. The company’s illustrious clientele includes many of the major automotive manufacturers, such as Volvo, Nissan, Lotus, McLaren, Geely, TATA, and more. 

According to Moradi: "Clients typically come to us to try and push the boundaries of what's possible with the technology available." When manufacturers don't have time for experimentation themselves, they rely on Vital Auto with any kind of challenge to turn ideas, initial sketches, drawings, or technical specifications into a fully realized physical form. 

Read the full story to learn how Vital Auto—a customer of Formlabs’ fastest growing UK reseller, SolidPrint 3D—creates high-fidelity prototypes and concept cars, rapidly working through iterations using a variety of advanced tools, including a large fleet of Form 3L and Fuse 1 printers.

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