Formlabs is traveling to industry hubs across the world to celebrate the capabilities of 3D printing in digital manufacturing. Join us at our Roadshow events and Roundtable sessions to connect with Formlabs users in your community and to see the next generation 3D printers: the Form 3, the Form 3B and the Form 3L.

In our Roadshow events, experts from different industries will introduce you to practical work processes, discuss the transition to digital workflows, and its impact on your day-to-day business, as well as present user cases.

The Roundtable sessions are small-group-format events focused on 3D printing applications within specific industries. Here you can network and learn from Formlabs users who will discuss common challenges and explain how 3D printing can help tackle them.

Upcoming Events



Formlabs Roadshow with - Mississauga, ON - November 9th


Formlabs Roadshow with CAD Micro (Morning Session) - Etobicoke, ON - November 17th


Formlabs Roadshow with CAD Micro (Afternoon Session) - Etobicoke, ON - November 17th


Formlabs Dental Roadshow with Beraha Dental - Naples, Italy - November 20th

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We are bringing together local innovators and global disruptors to discuss how accessible 3D printing technology is enabling manufacturing across the business and education landscapes.