May. 03, 2016

Formlabs Acquires 3D Printing Marketplace Pinshape

SOMERVILLE, Mass., May. 03, 2016Formlabs, the designer and manufacturer of powerful and accessible 3D printing systems, today announced it has acquired Pinshape, one of the fastest growing 3D printing communities online that hosts a flourishing marketplace of 3D designs.

From making the top-selling 3D printers in stereolithography to developing the best-in-class 3D printing software, Formlabs also makes a suite of high-performance materials. With Pinshape, Formlabs further sets the new benchmark in professional desktop 3D printing by continuing to broaden its already robust ecosystem of 3D printing offerings.

“We’re proud to welcome Pinshape to Formlabs,” said Max Lobovsky, co-founder and CEO of Formlabs. “Pinshape is a company that shares the same passion and drive as Formlabs in making sophisticated 3D printing technology widely accessible. Pinshape is one of the fastest growing 3D design marketplaces, and Formlabs wants to make sure Pinshape stays that way. Formlabs is building the biggest desktop 3D printing company in the world, and we want to grow the collaboration part of the ecosystem to the same level.”

Founded in 2013 with headquarters in Vancouver, Canada, Pinshape is a 500 Startups-backed company that enables top designers and brands to share, market, and sell 3D designs.

“Pinshape has grown to be one of the largest and most respected 3D design marketplaces online, and we owe this success to our community of talented designers and makers,” said Lucas Matheson, co-founder and CEO of Pinshape. “We’re thrilled that Pinshape is joining Formlabs and excited for our community. The Formlabs team is amazing; they’re building some of the best-in-class technologies in 3D printing and continue to break new ground in the industry.”

“3D printing is greater than just Formlabs,” said Dávid Lakatos, head of product at Formlabs. “By connecting Pinshape’s thriving community and rich hub of 3D content to Formlabs’ tools of innovation and resources, we help fantastic designs find form. As 3D printing demand continues unabated among professionals and prosumers, we’re excited about joining forces with Pinshape to extend our reach in the market and ecosystem.”

Pinshape will operate as a standalone business within Formlabs. For more details about the Pinshape acquisition, see posts from Formlabs and Pinshape.

About Formlabs

Formlabs designs and manufactures powerful and accessible 3D printing systems for engineers, designers, and artists. Their flagship product, the Form 2 3D printer, uses stereolithography (SLA) to create high-resolution physical objects from digital designs. The company was founded in 2012 by a team of engineers and designers from the MIT Media Lab and Center for Bits and Atoms.

With its powerful, intuitive, and affordable machines, Formlabs is establishing a new benchmark in professional desktop 3D printing. Formlabs also develops its own suite of high-performance materials for 3D printing, as well as best-in-class 3D printing software.

About Pinshape

Pinshape is one of the largest and fastest growing 3D printing communities and marketplaces for printable designs. Pinshape makes it easy to find high-quality 3D designs and fosters 3D printing education within its community of 90,000+ users. Pinshape is a 500 Startups-backed company located in Vancouver, Canada.

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